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Botox for Bells Palsy - 2 Minute Guide to Help Bells Palsy for under $300

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Angelina Jolie shares her Bells Palsy story

As time has passed and many celebrities have finally shared their beauty secrets, neurotoxin injections have become more and more of a commonality in beauty regimens.

While Botox and other neurotoxins claim to fame is for preventing and improving fine lines and wrinkles, there is so much more that these injections can do!

Did you know that Botox can be used to treat certain medical conditions?

If you weren’t aware of this, pay attention to what we’re about to tell you, it’ll blow your mind!

Botox has been used across the globe for decades, and it not only is used for cosmetic treatments, but for at least 25 medical conditions as well.

Botox can help to treat muscle stiffness, chronic migraine headaches, Bell’s Palsy, and more! Let’s focus on its use for Bell’s Palsy to start. For those of you that don’t know, Bell’s Palsy is a condition in which muscles in one half of the face become weak suddenly.

There are different causes to Bell’s Palsy, and while its effects typically resolve on their own within about 6 months, that’s not always the case. For clients that suffer from Bell’s Palsy and uneven “droopiness”, Botox can be a great solution for you to get your symmetry back.

To keep it simple, Botox can help to relax the overactive muscles on the unaffected side of the face to retrain them and create more balance to the face again.

The unaffected side of the face ends up becoming overactive as your body naturally tries to compensate for the sudden muscle weakness, so this treatment helps to retrain the brain to relax these muscles and decrease their overactive movement.

Botox and Bell's Palsy
Botox and Bell's Palsy

As always, other treatments are recommended in conjunction with the Botox for optimum results. Botox also helps to alleviate pain and discomfort in person’s with Bell’s Palsy as well, and best of all, there is NO DOWNTIME with this treatment!

And it is minimally invasive with minimal pain. An average Botox treatment takes about 15-20 minutes and the effects of the treatment can last a few months.

Are you someone suffering from Bell’s Palsy? Come in and see us for a free consultation with one of our expert RN injectors to see how this treatment can help you!

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