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Beauty Tips to Prepare for My Wedding

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

It’s that time of year again! We want to make sure all of our beautiful bride-to-be’s are prepared for their special day so we came up with our top five pre-wedding must-do’s!

Botox before my wedding?


An absolute must have! Nothing is worse than your makeup filling up between the creases of your skin - not something you want to be bothered with on your wedding day.

On top of that it gives your skin a nice, radiant glow. Botox will take 2 weeks to see full results and will typically last for 3-4 months.

We suggest that you book your first appointment at least a month in advance so you have time for any touch-ups if at all necessary.

Slim & Tone your Body in one session!


Need a little help fitting into your dress right before your wedding? Or maybe you wish your face/neck was looked a smidge smaller.

Cryoskin is a great way to lose a couple inches in a short amount of time. While the results are only permanent if you keep up with a healthy lifestyle, we’ve seen clients lose an inch and a half in just one session!

Cryoskin treatments can be done every two weeks leading up to the big day!

Microneedling helps even skin pigment and reduce scars!


Wear little to no foundation! Improve the overall health and appearance of your skin with mirconeedling.

Microneedling creates microscopic punctures in your skin to stimulate collagen production. This treatment can help rid fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage spots, large pores, and acne scarring!

There’s also minimal post-procedure effects!


Ditch the brow glue for your big day! If your brow concerns consist of gaps, thinning, overplucking, or unruliness and you don’t have the time or money to spend on microblading, brow lamination is a great alternative!

A brow lamination smooths out your unruly or over plucked eyebrows and lifts your hair in a more vertical direction, leaving you with perfect eyebrows lasting you for about 4-6 weeks.


The less makeup you have to use, the better! Am I right? Eyebrow tinting is a technique used to semi-permanently color your brow hairs.

The dye will also leave a stain on your skin for about a week after, providing an element that fills in the thinner spaces of your brow. This treatment will typically last 3-4 weeks.


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