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What Skin Care is right for me? - The Ultimate Guide to Esthetic Treatments at Avere Beauty

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Looking for the right skin care can be a challenging endeavor and overwhelming. With so many different options available, it’s good to have an idea before seeing your esthetician.

There are relaxing facials that provide a glow and detox, or there are more in-depth esthetic treatments that will really make an impact quickly and more drastically.



Best for: Scar reduction and collagen building

If you’re like Frank or I and grew up with acne, then you may know how even when it clears up, it can leave scarring and skin damage that doesn’t go away. These scars are the result of the damage left behind from inflamed acne blemishes.

Thankfully, Avere has the only FDA approved Microneedling device that is capable of reducing scar tissue on not only the face, but pretty much anywhere on the body.

The SkinPen microneedling works by using tiny needles to create micro perforations in the skin and tearing up the scar tissue which causes your body to send collagen in that area, rebuilding the scar tissue.

Expected result:

Immediately after treatment expect to have redness that is similar to a mild sunburn and tight skin. Within 3 days after treatment, you will start to see results in your skin and within 4-6 weeks you will see optimal results. Collagen will start building which will reduce scars, the appearance of fine lines, and even out skin tone.

Contraindications: Active acne breakouts, sunburn, filler or botox within 2 weeks of treatment


Skinwave Hydrafacial in Pittsburgh

Skinwave Hydrating Facial

Best for: Cleaning out pores, helping with acne, exfoliation, overall tone and texture improvement, and moisturization

Looking for a deep cleaning for your face? Have stubborn blackheads? Pores on your nose bothering you? Our Skinwave Hydrating facial is the facial for you.

While simultaneously removing impurities and nourishing your skin, Avere’s Skinwave facial provides you a medical-grade exfoliating, hydrating, and anti-aging treatment that will leave you with smooth, cleansed, hydrated, and rejuvenated skin.

Expected Result:

Immediately after treatment expect to feel super mild tingling, firmness in your skin, mild redness (if any). Within hours of treatment, you will be left with super smooth, soft, hydrated, and clean skin.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, sunburn, filler or botox within 2 weeks of treatment


Chemical Peel in Pittsburgh

Chemical Peel

Best for: Acne, fine lines, tone and texture, sunspots, exfoliation, and scarring

Just about everyone can benefit from a chemical peel and there is a chemical peel regimen for just about everyone!

Not only are chemical peels game changers when it comes to diminishing skin discoloration, they are an amazing acne treatment!

Peels are now designed to be less invasive and require less downtime.

With peels now being less invasive, you may not see a dramatic “peel” but you can be sure that the product applied to your skin is working under your skin's surface from the inside out.

There are also additives and more aggressive peels that can be done if you are looking for a drastic peeling process.

Expected Result:

Immediately after treatment expect to feel mild tingling, tightness, and mild redness of the treated area. Within 48 hours after the peel, expect to start shedding skin.

The shedding of the skin can be anywhere from a mild flake to a more drastic peel with larger pieces of skin peeling.

Around 7-10 days after your peel you will see maximum results and be left with soft, smooth skin that is more even in tone and texture.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, sunburn, filler or botox within 2 weeks of treatment


Dermaplane facial

Dermaplane Facial

Best for: Texture, tone, exfoliation, cleansing, and dry skin

Have a big event coming up? Noticing more peach fuzz on your face? Looking for a service with no downtime that will leave you with immediate glowing skin?

A dermaplane facial is where it’s at! A dermaplane facial is one of my favorite services because the results are instant and always have that “wow” factor.

I recommend a dermaplane facial to almost every single one of my clients that are looking to start a good skincare routine or in need of a good cleansing. This treatment is also ideal for an upcoming event and will make your makeup application flawlessly smooth.

Expected Result:

Glowing, smooth, and soft skin! Immediately after a dermaplane facial you will notice a huge difference in your skin’s overall appearance and texture.

Unlike many of our services, a dermaplane facial has absolutely no downtime or redness post treatment.

Contraindications: Active acne breakouts

Cost: $125.00+ (increase based upon products used and varied upgrades and customizations)


Treatment facial in Pittsburgh

Treatment Facial

Best for: Texture, acne, dry skin, tone, pores, any skin condition that you are looking to make long term corrections to your skin

At Avere Beauty our treatment facial is your go-to if you are looking to achieve new skin. Whether you’re struggling with acne, rosacea, or even just looking to get on a good skin regimen, the treatment facial is for you.

Starting with an in-depth consult and skin analysis, customized products will then be selected, a custom facial will be done, and then you will be sent home with an at home skincare regimen that is completely custom to you.

Treatment facials should be done every 4 weeks until the goals of your skin are met and then every 6-8 weeks from then on out.

Expected Result:

As with every treatment done at Avere Beauty, clear glowing skin is always the goal, but with treatment facials the immediate result will vary based upon your skin type/condition, and the facial that we decide is ultimately best for you.

Contraindications: Varies


Enzyme Facial

Best for: Fine lines, sagging/wrinkling of the skin, removing toxins and buildup in the skin, acne, rosacea, scarring, improving overall tone, and texture

An Enzyme Facial is truly a game changer. DMK’s Enzymatic treatment is a muscle binding, skin firming, collagen building treatment that works on internal skin functioning.

By starting internally and working our way out to the surface of your skin, we are fixing how your skin functions overall, therefore your skin will become healthier, and the results will be visible.

I suggest that all new clients start out with an enzyme treatment to give your skin a reset and fresh start. You will need a minimum of 3 treatments for optimal results.

Expected Result:

This is not your typical facial, therefore you should not expect typical results. The DMK enzyme treatment will be applied starting on your chest, up to your neck, and then your face.

Once the enzymes are applied, they will set for 45 mins.

During the 45 mins, you can expect the mask to harden and even pulsate! That’s completely normal and how you know the mask is doing what it is supposed to. After your treatment, you can expect glowing, tightened, and firmer skin.

Contraindications: N/A

Cost: $155.00+ (increase based upon products used and varied upgrades and customizations)



Best for: Acne, scarring, pigmentation, exfoliation, and deep cleansing on your back

When thinking of facials and skincare people tend to automatically think of their face only, but at Avere Beauty we also offer a signature Bacial.

Think of the same process as a facial but for your back. So many people struggle with dreaded “Bacne”. A bacial is the perfect treatment to cleanse and exfoliate your back while combating bacne.

Expected Result:

Smooth, exfoliated, cleansed, and hydrated skin

Contraindications: N/A

Cost: $130.00+ (increase based upon products used and varied upgrades and customizations)


Now that you have an idea of the different facials and options we offer to help your skin, what are you waiting for? Book now at

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