Botulinum Toxin Use In Pain Management

Updated: Aug 16

Botox has become more well known and utilized in the medical and aesthetic world. The uses for it have expanded significantly. It is no longer just used to help remedy frown lines. Due to the chemical denervation that Botox provides, it is able to assist with muscle hyperactivity.

What are some of the areas that can be treated to assist with pain management?

Chronic back pain



Chronic pelvic pain

Neuropathic pain

An example of how it assists with pain, is in those with chronic back pain. One study utilized 40-50 units injected in muscles next to the spine. That study showed that patients had relief for 3-4 months.

The increased use of medications for more than just their original intended purpose is helpful in a lot of areas of medicine. Some side effects of medications began to be used as treatments for others. It is amazing how many varying uses one medication can have.

Botox is not just for anti-aging and facial wrinkles!

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