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Bridal Experience

Bridal Experience





Most brides are unsure when to start skincare treatments and with the plethora of options out there, we recommend consulting with our experienced estheticians and injectors to narrow down what is best for you as no two brides are the same!

At Avery Beauty, we offer multiple modalities to make sure we address your concerns in an effective but natural way. Best recommendation is one year prior but 6 months gives enough time to ensure you're receiving appropriate treatments at apprproaite intervals.

Botox & Injectables

If you're new to injectables you want to make sure that you start out 6 months and preferably 1 year prior to the big day. Botox and Fillers take a few weeks to settle so you will need ample time to ensure you like the treatments and time to make any adjustments. Starting these treatments early provides flexibility to tailor treatments to your preference and unique concerns.

Botox helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and also has added benefits like slimming and toning of the face, reducing perspiration, and shrinking pores! Filler is the best option for adding volume to the face - from lips to cheeks, chins, and even nose - using filler strategically can add balance and accentuations to an already beautiful face.

Skin Care

Skincare is essential regardless of a big event but what better tiem to start focusing on your skin than your wedding day. If you are starting injectable treatments you want to include good skincare regimen as well; they go hand in hand. Incorporating a routine can help address any skin challenges you may be experiencing. A new regime can take a few months to reach optimal results.

It can seem overwhelming with a mass amount of products to choose from, but our estheticians can help narrow it down to a simple routine. The basics of skincare include cleansing, toning, moisturizing, exfoliating, and protecting.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is on everyone's radar because who doesn't want to ditch shaving or waxing?! But, hair removal isn't a quick process. Most areas require treatments 4-6 weeks apart to ensure you are treating the hair at certain cycles of growth and most areas can require 9-12 treatments.

Consult with a laser specialist to discuss your appointment intervals and tiemframe. It is essential you stick to your treatment intervals for better results. Avere is one of the best priced laser hair removal med spas in Pittsburgh because we understand in the value of results. We also invest heavily in the best machines available and each of our offices has the best quality Cartessa laser hair reducing devices (MOTUS AZ+ offers pain free laser hair reduction).

Other skin treatments...

If you have any specific skin concerns such as a scarring or acne, you want to begin any laser or micorneedling treatments 6-12 months prior. Most often we recommend beginning a series of 3 treatments for an acne and scarring. For skin laxity, facial contouring, and fine lines we may recommend micro needling, radio frequency micro needling, or CO2 laser treatments.


All of these treatments need started well before the big day to make sure your skin responds well and you have time for skin remodeling. It takes a while for skin concerns to arise and it can take a while to resolve!

Movement & Nutrition

If you are starting on a full circle glow up and amping up your fitness and nutrition routine, remember that crash dieting isn't only bad for the body, but also your skin. Deficiencies can lead to poor skin affects including dryness, dull skin appearance, and breakouts. We recommend consulting a nutrition and fitness expert so you feel healthy and energized on your big day.

Avere is also excited to announce that we have launched a Weight Management program with Semaglutide. Sam Ruschak, NP is the program director and offers monthly evaluations and resources to reduce weight in a healthy manner.



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Get a chemical peel

A popular exfoliating treatment is a chemical peel; we offer many different types of peels and customize to your skin. Chemical Peels address everything from age spots to freckles, acne, and overall skin clarity.

Peels help to reveal brighter, renewed skin with peeling of around 1 week. While just one treatment will create a noticeable result, a series will provide a substantial improvement to overall skin health. Consult our estheticians for your best options.



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Skincare Regimen

If you have been lax about your skincare you still have time to amp it up! Four weeks and you will still see substantial skin benefits from sticking to your routine; your makeup artist will thank you!


The 4 week mark is when you want to get your final neurotoxin treatment and a final tweak/evaluation of any fillers. This is not the time to make drastic changes so small tweaks are fine but not large amounts of anything!

At your initial consultation 6-12 months prior, your provider will time everything out for you perfectly so you are fresh for everything from your bachelorette party to your shower to the big day.

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