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The original injection for reducing line visibility in the face. 

Intense Pulsed Light

IPL Laser treatments in pittsburgh

What can IPL treat?

Solar Eclipse
Age & Sun Spots

Age spots are small, flat dark areas on the skin.

Popcorn Cake

Small brown spots on your skin, often in areas that get sun exposure.

Red Gerbera

Patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin due to excess melanin.

Chocolate Cookie

Caused by overgrowth of blood vessels, melanocytes, smooth muscle, fat, fibroblasts, or keratinocytes.

Red Dot Fabric
Broken Capillaries

Dilated or enlarged blood vessels just beneath the surface of the skin.

Red Wine
Port Wine Stains

Vascular anomaly (a capillary malformation in the skin).

Avere Beauty Murrysville IPL Laser Facial

IPL Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light laser treatments use a handpiece to deliver a series of gentle pulses of intense pulsed light to the skin. The IPL penetrates the dermis and is absorbed by the pigment and vascular irregularities in the deeper tissue of the skin. The treatment may last 15 – 30 minutes depending on the size of the area treated. The sensation is similar to a snap of a rubber band on the skin. The treatment is virtually painless for most individuals and a topical anesthetic cream may be applied to minimize any discomfort. Avere Beauty also uses Ultrasound Jelly to provide extra protection.

Pittsburgh IPL Laser Facial

Hello Clear Skin.

Avere Beauty uses a brand new laser with the latest technology. Our IPL laser or "photo facial" can improve the color and texture of your skin without surgery.

For best results, it's recommended that patients receive 4-6 treatments about 4 weeks apart. Avere Beauty Export can help you schedule now!

What does the IPL "Photo Facial" feel like?

The feeling of an IPL photo facial has been compared to a rubber band snapping on your skin. While everyone's pain tolerance is different, we do offer topical Lidocaine and Ultrasound Jelly to absorb some of the heat and allow gliding. Avere Beauty tries to give you the most comfortable experience possible.

Intense pulsed light face treatments: you deserve the best

Ever asked yourself, “where can I find the best facial laser treatment near me?” As people continue to realize the incredible value in self-care, staying preventative and holding tightly to their right to look to feel their best, intense pulsed light face treatments are providing endless possibilities. Is your skin in need of a refreshing glow? Have you recently come to the conclusion that you need a youthful collagen boost? Maybe you desire a more even skin tone. For pretty much any skin correcting desire, facial laser treatments are coming to the rescue. At Avere Beauty, we can’t wait to show our valued guests the amazing results they can achieve through our facial laser treatments.


What is an intense pulsed light face treatment?

Our intense pulsed light face treatments at Avere Beauty are simple yet effective. A handheld laser delivers a series of gentle pulses of intense light into the desired area of the skin to be treated. As the skin’s deep tissues absorb the light, pigment and vascular irregularities are vastly improved. While the treatment is as quick as a 15-to-30-minute session, the results are long lasting, improving skin color and texture through non-invasive cosmetic improvement techniques. So, whether it’s evening out skin tone, fading a scar, decreasing pores, or plumping skin that’s starting to sag, trust that Avere Beauty’s face treatments can achieve the impacts you desire, and deserve.


Where can I get the most effective facial laser treatment near me with amazing results?

The answer is easy. Trust our experts at Avere Beauty who are thrilled to share the power within intense pulsed light face treatments. The effectiveness lies in its ability to increase the skin cell turnover process and boost collagen production. As we age, or when we are stressed out, our collagen production can be increasingly inhibited and lead to a sagging, dull, tired, and aging appearance. By intentionally activating the skin renewal process with lasers, its healing process is stimulated and new, revitalized, and younger looking healthier skin cells and collagen production are the result.  


Facial laser treatments: the non-invasive youth-producing solution

When our technicians at Avere Beauty approach a guest’s health and beauty maintenance routine with intense pulsed laser facial treatments as part of their care, they’re strategically targeting the deeper layers of the skin that can realize the benefits of the laser treatment. Through this non-invasive technique, our practicians ensure the skin treated can heal much more quickly than it might with other surface laser treatments, eliminating excess pigment and invigorating youthful collagen production.


Prep is everything

At Avere Beauty, our expert technicians have developed the best skin care preparation routines to help you achieve the most amazing facial laser treatment results – and, they’re happy to share their expertise with our valued guests. When you meet us for your laser consultation, we’ll encourage you to stop any retinol product use one week prior to the procedure. We promise to keep you comfortable with a numbing topical cream, and we’ll take all the time you need to complete the laser process which typically lasts 10-to-15 minutes. In the worst case, the effects are similar to a mild sunburn. We’ll remind you to stay hydrated, recommend the gentlest effective skin cleansers and moisturizers, and ask that you protect your skin from sunlight for the following two weeks. Outside of that, you’re all set to show the world your best face forward, literally.


Asking yourself, “who can I turn to for the most effective facial laser treatment near me?” Don’t miss your chance to realize optimal results at Avere Beauty’s med spa

At Avere Beauty, we believe timing is everything. So, if you have a special occasion coming up, or you simply have waited too long to give your skin the rejuvenating care it deserves, we encourage you to reach out to our med spa experts for a consultation today. Facial laser treatments are best scheduled four weeks apart, and maximum results are typically achieved after four-to-six treatments. This means looking your best requires a well-planned schedule around your health and beauty maintenance routine. It’s the gift that will keep on giving, and we’re honored to help you create your plan during your free consultation.

Areas Served:

We offer Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser treatment in the following cities and counties in Pennsylvania.

Cities & Towns: Pittsburgh, Cranberry, Fox Chapel, Mt. Lebanon, Sewickley, Export, Squirrel Hill, Moon, Wexford, Greensburg, Upper St Clair

Counties: Allegheny

Zip Codes: All zip codes in 30 miles from Pittsburgh

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