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Dermal Fillers in Pittsburgh: Learn How They Work

Updated: 3 days ago

Let’s just come right out and say it: 2020 and 2021 have been years that took an incredible amount of stress and smeared it right across our faces. Fortunately, it’s easily reversible. Whether this stress has presented itself in wrinkles, fine lines, dull and tired looking skin, disappearing volume, and/or lack of contour, Avere Beauty is happy to take care of all your requirements for dermal fillers in Pittsburgh.

At our med-spa, our experienced technicians have been providing clients with amazing and refreshing results that change the way they feel from the inside out. It’s what we love to do. But what we also get excited about is showing those new to med-spa services that the magic we perform in our salon every day is not only transformative on the outside, but it is also transformative in the way people feel and present themselves to the world. For our new clients who are curious about non-invasive beauty treatments that bring the most natural looking refreshment after these difficult and self-reflective times, we feel like it’s a great time to break down the basics of dermal fillers.

Hyaluronic acid: nature’s beauty prescription

We’re happy to reassure our clients that, when it comes to our services and procedures for dermal fillers, they’re made from natural substances that produce natural looking and feeling results. Our dermal fillers are made up of Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance our bodies already contain. That hyaluronic acid, which is likely already a part of your basic skin care routine. It is responsible for a more hydrated, plump, and smooth skin surface, and it is the active ingredient in our dermal fillers. By injecting this ingredient within premium products like JUVÉDERM®, Hyaluronic acid’s effects are greatly increased for the refreshing, anti-aging, and beauty-enhancing results you desire.

How does Hyaluronic acid work when I receive the ultimate service for dermal fillers in Pittsburgh?

The first thing to know about trying dermal fillers for the first time, or perhaps after receiving disappointing results in the past, is that they’re only as good as the professional injecting them for you. We find our clients feel reassured when we let them know their results will last long enough to get their money’s worth, but are not permanent, so there’s always room to change up the desired effect down the road.

How does Hyaluronic acid help to achieve this lovely window of effective, yet impermanent, results? It has to do with the fact that Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that binds to water. It also transports nutrients to the places they’re needed while regulating the skin’s balance of moisture. That’s where that beautiful boost in the skin’s texture, contour, and brightness comes from, and why it naturally dissipates over time.

Long-lasting results that reverse time

When guests seek natural and healthy-looking transformations that have refreshing results from med-spa services, a single dermal filler treatment can deliver instant results you will enjoy for upwards of six-to-nine months. These services provide an ultra-natural looking result that doesn’t affect your expression (like other treatments), while still providing that subtle, refreshed look. You’ll be sure to have people wondering if you spent the pandemic on a rejuvenating holiday.

If it’s creating contour, especially in fuller lips and cheeks, improving the shape of the chin, skin revitalization, or smoothing effects upon annoying lines and wrinkles that you’re curious about, don’t hesitate to book a free consultation. Make sure you come armed with your list of questions.

At Avere Beauty, we believe we can have it all. Not only that, but we believe we deserve it all. In fact, it’s literally the Italian meaning of our name. Treat yourself to some self-care that shines from the inside out with our dermal fillers in Pittsburgh. It’s our honor to be a part of your health and beauty journey, no matter where you are within it. Contact us to today for more information.

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