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Things You Should Know Before You Visit a Med Spa in Pittsburgh

Updated: 3 days ago

Have you recently booked an appointment at a med spa in Pittsburgh and aren’t quite sure how to prepare? A med spa isn’t quite like a regular spa. It includes the relaxing feel of a day spa combined with actual medical procedures. The goal is to be able to relax. However, just like with any medical procedure, it can end up being stressful if you aren’t prepared or don’t know what to expect before you go.

If you haven’t made an appointment yet and would like to know more about how it works and what services are offered, you can call and ask questions anonymously and without any commitment. You can also ask if the med spa can provide you with a tour so that there are no surprises if you do decide to book a service. If you already have an appointment scheduled, here are four things you should know before your visit.

1. What is a Med Spa?

A med spa is different from a regular spa because a medical doctor oversees the operations of the spa. It’s clinical, but with an inviting, spa-like atmosphere. Procedures are medical, which means they can be more invasive and may require some recovery time afterwards. The staff are friendly and accommodating. They will help make sure you are comfortable and will answer all your questions.

2. Arrive Early

Arriving about 30 minutes early to your med spa appointment will give you a chance to experience the calming spa atmosphere and relax before your appointment. It will also allow you to fill out any pre-appointment paperwork. You may have to fill out a questionnaire and let the spa staff know if you need any accommodations or have any allergies before starting your procedure.

3. Ask for What You Need

If something feels too intense or painful, be sure to let them know. You may be able to take a break. Everyone is different and feels things differently, so they may not know something is too uncomfortable for you unless you tell them. During your appointment, feel free to ask for anything that might make you feel more comfortable.

4. Preparing for Your Med Spa Appointment in Pittsburgh

Make sure that you have properly prepared for your appointment. Depending on the procedure you have booked, your med spa will have provided you with the steps you need to take to make sure you arrive prepared. For example, you should not have alcohol 24 hours before your appointment. It’s also important that you note what you should and shouldn’t do after your appointment. If you received injections, you should plan to sit upright for 4-6 hours afterwards.Each Med Spa in Pittsburgh may have different cultures, preparation requirements, and rules. You may want to prepare a tip for your attendant depending on the service. You will not need to tip doctors who administer medical procedures, but med spas also offer services that may warrant a tip. Once you’ve gone through this list, you’re all set for your rejuvenating self-care experience! Contact Avere Beauty to know more.

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