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Quick Tips on Lip Augmentation and Enhancement

Updated: May 24

Lip fillers are a great way to get the full lips you desire. It is important with any medspa service to choose a facility with certified professional injectors, clean treatment rooms and sterile equipment. Here at Avere Beauty, we are proud to offer the best lip augmentation in Pittsburgh, with our certified team and outstandingly clean facility. Customer service is the utmost priority for us. In addition to achieving the look you desire, you’ll be pampered and cared for in a relaxing atmosphere. If you are looking for lip augmentation in Pittsburgh, here are some tips on what to expect.

Lip Augmentation in Pittsburgh Consultation

Before any procedure at Avere Beauty, expect a detailed consultation. It is important for us to get to know you and your expectations. In return, we will offer the best solution for your needs and are very upfront about what you can expect. With our lip augmentation in Pittsburgh, there are several Juvederm options that provide a subtle soft pout, all the way up to a firm, larger lip. We will discuss your best option during the consultation process.

Long-term Results

Did you know that your lip augmentation can last for up to a year? That is an impressively long time for a quick outpatient procedure. The perfect pout is in reach! If you are not thrilled with thin or wrinkled lips, talk to us about lip augmentation in Pittsburgh today.

Mild Side Effects

Every procedure has side effects and lip augmentation in Pittsburgh is no exception. Most side effects, however, are short term and very mild. During the consultation, you are prepared on what to expect for side effects and how to handle them. You are also prepped on possible risk factors; however, risks are greatly diminished when you come to Avere Beauty, due to our high level of training, certifications, cleanliness and best practices. So, what side effects are common with lip augmentation? Some tenderness, little bumps, bruising and swelling. These typically resolve themselves within 14 days.

A Big Confidence Boost!

One of the best things lip augmentation in Pittsburgh does for you is boost your confidence. The simple fact is, not everyone likes everything they see about themselves in the mirror – and that is okay! We live in a world where looks matter, whether we like it or not. If you want to tweak something about yourself to make how you look outside match your confidence on the inside, why not? Lip augmentation in Pittsburgh is safe, fast, proven, effective and affordable. Whether you want a soft full lip or a perfect firm pout, you can have what you desire. Maybe you want to tweak your lips for your wedding or an upcoming vacation. Maybe you grew up with thin lips and want fuller ones going forward. Whatever your reasons, it is okay to take the reins and create the look – and life – you desire. Lip augmentation in Pittsburgh is an empowered choice.

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