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to have beauty.

We are a group of clinicians and medical professionals, local to Pittsburgh, who believe in self-care, beauty, and confidence!

At Avere Beauty, we believe you have the power to look as good as you feel. With our anti-aging treatments and beauty services, we offer you a chance to revitalize and refresh your looks.


Pittsburgh has other medspas, but none that represented the practice of genuine aesthetics we believed in. Neurotoxins and dermal fillers are powerful tools used to maintain and improve our appearance, and we wanted to provide these resources in a comfortable environment contrary to the sterile room of a traditional medspa. Avere Beauty is a place to go to relax, unwind, and leave feeling new.


Alyssa Luciano, RN

With over 10 years of experience in the ICU, Alyssa discovered aesthetics as initially a side hobby. As she began to master the injection techniques and facial anatomy, it became apparent she was a natural in the beauty industry. Her desire to provide an informed, transparent, and relaxed environment for aesthetic procedures has garnered her a loyal clientele who trusts her expertise.

Frank Udavcak
Chief Marketing Officer

Frank and Alyssa were long time friends. When Alyssa shared her dream of owning a business, Frank's passion for crafting a brand pushed her to form Avere. Over the past few years, the team has worked extensively on providing a comfortable, non-sterile experience for the aesthetic journey.

Paige Salters

Paige joined the team as our premiere esthetician. Providing luxury esthetics experiences in Pittsburgh, she specializes in facials, brow lamination, and more. Using her own skin experiences as drive for creating a perfect regime, Paige tailors your treatment plan exclusively to you.

Chelsea Boedker, RN

Avere Beauty's service offerings expands even further with Chelsea's microblading talent. Cheek contouring, lips, and lasers are some of Chelsea's favorite things to do.


Rachel Pinkowski, RN

Another ICU native, Rachel has had the opportunity to be trained by Alyssa over the past year, adding a keen touch to an already natural eye for aesthetics.

Diane Mangery, RN MSN

Diana is one of our Murrysville favorites with her charming demeanor and extensive knowledge of skin and lasers. She carries an RN and MSN and loves to pursue continuing education. 

Danka DiMichele, RN

When we received Danka's application and saw her fashion sense and creativity , we knew she'd be a wonderful addition to our team and the world of aesthetics. Even as her appointments fill up, Danka continues to spend countless hours shadowing with all of our injectors to perfect her craft.

Natalie Sharp
Marketing Specialist / Office Manager

After graduating from Penn State, Natalie became an executive assistant to  an affluent family where she wore many hats managing marketing, communications, and everyday operations. Now she gives us her best and more as she skyrockets her career. 

Avere Beauty Lawrenceville Office 3495 Butler Street

Avere Beauty - Lawrenceville

Avere Beauty is located in Pittsburgh in the heart of Lawrenceville, Avere Beauty's office opened at 3495 Butler Street in the spring of 2020. Our location in the historic Bath House building provides an exceptionally close distance to downtown Pittsburgh, while remaining in a quiet and quaint section of Butler Street.

Make a right on 35th Street, down the hill, and you will find a keyed entry door leading right to Avere Beauty's office.


3495 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Avere Beauty - Murrysville

Just a few months later, with the help of our extremely gracious clientele, our med spa opened a 2nd location on the East side of Pittsburgh in Murrysville. Located just a few meters off Route 22 at the Cozy Inn cutoff, our new office features a massive waiting area where you can unwind before entering one of 3 premiere offices for your injectables and aesthetics as well as laser hair removal, IPL, and vascular treatments.


5100 Old William Penn Highway STE 3
Murrysville, PA 15632
Avere Beauty Murrysville Injection Room


Avere is looking for passionate people with a drive for wellness as we expand to new locations. Help us create brand opportunities and share our love for modest and genuine aesthetics!

Nursing Aesthetics Jobs in Pittsburgh