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Pros and Cons of Lip Augmentation

Updated: 3 days ago

Those in pursuit of the perfect pout are increasingly turning to the amazing results expert technicians are achieving with lip augmentation in Pittsburgh. Some are after show-stopping va-va-voom volume, others a slight tweak to improve shape more subtly. The options are many and the achievable results are endless, but really, it all comes down to trusting the most knowledgeable experts who have an artful eye and can provide a great consultation. This means they can work with you to formulate the best plan to get the look you’ve always desired.

We understand people are increasingly interested in the lip filler discussion. Here are some pros and cons we think are worth considering if you’ve been thinking about getting lip augmentation in Pittsburgh.

The pros outweigh the cons, but the possible side effects worth being aware of

The cons associated with lip fillers tend to go hand-in-hand with inadept providers performing the service. Skilled clinicians who provide lip augmentation in Pittsburgh should be well educated and experienced in selecting both the right product and quantity of filler for each procedure they take on. When a proper consultation and injection procedure is not provided, there can be some negatives associated. Swelling in the hours immediately following the procedure, and up to 10 days later, can occur as can extremely rare instances of scarring until the filler eventually dissolves. In addition, bleeding, bruising, and allergic reactions associated with any injection can result. Med-spas that do not take their sanitization seriously can also increase the risk of infection after a treatment. At the end of the day, the best way to avoid the cons in a lip injection treatment truly do come down to seeking out a trusted med spa who takes their profession to the highest levels of service. Referrals, reviews, and consultations that leave you feeling confident are all great indicators.

Lip filler pros: the question really becomes, ‘why not?’

The beauty in turning to lip augmentation in Pittsburgh to enhance your self-care routine is that the process really can be personalized to achieve any results you want. If you’re a ‘go big or go home’ kind of girl, you can plump up to your heart’s desire. If you prefer to fly more under the radar, you can plan your procedures out over time to achieve more gradual results that don’t raise any eyebrows. This means you can achieve the most natural-looking results by working with your skilled and experienced technician that are long-lasting, but still also temporary – a major plus should you decide to change things up later on. You can typically expect your lip augmentation to last four months, longer as you continue to receive injection treatments. Finally, there’s no invasive surgical procedure or costly downtime involved in achieving your perfect pout.

Trust in Avere Beauty to deliver the pros in lip augmentation in Pittsburgh, minus the cons

At Avere Beauty, every single client visit is an authentic aesthetic opportunity to assit our guests in putting their best face forward. We take pride in providing the most tasteful, professional, and lasting results that keep our clients coming back and leaving happy every time, all at an affordable value. We welcome you to visit us for relaxation, rejuvenation, refreshing solutions, and to discuss any beauty treatments for your beauty and self-care maintenance.

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