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Juvederm — Answering Your Important Questions

Updated: 3 days ago

Good times are on their way! And you want to look great so you can see them coming. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to improve your appearance quickly, easily, and without invasive surgery? Is Juvederm the answer? It can be. Do you want to find out the why, where, and how to get Juvederm in Pittsburgh? Here are your important questions answered.

What is Juvederm?

If you are new to the idea of Juvederm, you might also be wondering what it is. In short, it is a non-invasive treatment that consists of injections of transparent gel into the skin cells of the face. It minimizes wrinkles and adds fullness where it is needed.

What is in the Juvederm injection?

As for what exactly is in the Juvederm injection, the active ingredient is hyaluronic acid. That is a sugar that is created naturally by the body, one that unfortunately, reduces with aging. The hyaluronic acid works by moisturizing the injection site, stimulating collagen production, and giving cushioning for volume and smoothness.

Does it have side effects?

Juvederm has minimal side effects. The bruising and redness will go away in a few days. Take arnica vitamins and eat your greens beforehand. If there is swelling and bruising, don't worry, it will be mild and will go away quickly if you hold an ice pack to the area and use witch hazel on the affected area. It is a good idea to schedule a few days of down-time after the treatment.

Is one treatment of Juvederm enough?

Juvederm does not last forever. It is not permanent, but it stays for some time. In six to nine months, more injections will be needed. This is because the substance is natural and therefore reduces naturally. A second treatment may be done shortly after the first, which will make it last longer.

Don’t get Juvederm injections without discussing them first with your doctor. The services that the Med Spa provides for your lip filler or Juvederm in Pittsburgh will help you understand the right treatment and the right filler for you so that you will have the longest lasting results that you can. There are different types of injections, and the different injections can target different areas — lips, cheeks, chin area, and eye lids.

How will I look after my treatment with Juvederm in Pittsburgh?

For answers to this question, look at websites for before and after pictures to see show others looked afterwards. Any Med Spa that will provide Juvederm will be glad to help you visualize. But expect many compliments! People will notice that you look a little different, a little younger, but they will not be quite sure why. The change brought by Juvederm injections is subtle and noticeable. You will look more radiant, a lot younger, and less tired. And you will still look just like you.

If you are thinking of getting Juvederm injections, then you likely have more questions. These are just some of the important questions that you will want answered. The important thing to know is that you will feel and look younger, and that there will be trusted information from the med spa that will give you the answers that will help. For more information about Juvederm in Pittsburgh, click here.

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