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I want to get lip filler, but will it look natural? I don’t want duck lips!

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

This statement has been told to probably every injector out there. It is more than

common that when someone hears “lip filler”, they instantly picture the overfilled, protruding lips and it will steer away a ton of people from ever visiting the idea of lip filler. We see a large variety of clients, and more often than not, they want a “natural” result.

Believe it or not, this is extremely doable, especially with one syringe of filler or even less. There are a variety of dermal fillers on the market, and almost all carry either 1 mL or 1.2 mL syringes. If you were to completely empty either syringe of filler, you would notice that the total amount is only roughly the size of a blueberry. With proper injection technique, the natural look is achievable.

Some might even think that one syringe isn’t enough! Now, you might say, “my lips looked huge when I left the office!”. Every client is different when it comes to how their bodies react to receiving lip filler. Whenever you leave your appointment, it is very possible that you will feel as though your lips might be too big or you might even be bruised… this is NORMAL.

We cannot expect our bodies to not have an inflammatory reaction whenever we introduce needles to our lips. This is why we provide our clients with very detailed after care instructions. Included In the instructions are that you will be swollen and bruised for a few days post injection.

The majority of the swelling will be gone in two to three days, but is not uncommon to last a few days longer. Two weeks is the timeline we give our clients for optimal results because that is when the lips will be fully healed and all swelling and bruising will be gone. It is important to trust your provider and listen to everything they tell you during your appointment so that you can achieve the results you want!

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