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How Long Should I Wait Between Each Laser Hair Removal Session?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

How Long Should I Wait Between Each Laser Hair Removal Session?

Pittsburgh Underarm or Armpit Laser Hair Removal
Pittsburgh Underarm or Armpit Laser Hair Removal

We all have experienced the annoyance that comes with attempting to shave on a regular basis — this process leaves us with razor burns and irritated skin. While unwanted hair growth can negatively impact your confidence, the good news is that you can gain your self-esteem back by choosing to get laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a treatment done by certified professionals; this treatment is a long-term solution to stunting hair growth completely. Professionals are able to do this through utilizing a machine that produces a beam of light energy that damages hair follicles at the root so hair growth will no longer occur in the treated area. In order for the treatment to be fully effective and to achieve optimal results, you will need to get several treatments and wait for an appropriate amount of time between each visit. Here is the breakdown of the different areas that can be treated and how long you must wait between each session:

Face and Neck

6-8 Treatments | 4-6 Weeks

The face and neck are one of the most common areas to receive laser hair removal. Men and women alike are interested in receiving treatment in these areas because unwanted hair is quite visible on these areas of the body. If you have been waxing or shaving your face for quite some time, there’s a strong chance that you’ve already caused some damage to the hair follicles in this region. This means that you will likely need less sessions when you begin the laser hair removal process.

Here’s another key factor that contributes to the amount of treatments and length you’ll need to wait between each treatment: the face and neck are hormonal areas of the body.

Hormonal areas of the body often require more treatments than non-hormonal areas of the body (like the legs). You can expect to treat your facial region about six to eight times before the hair follicles will no longer produce hair. You will also need to wait about four to six weeks in-between each treatment.

We understand that this may seem like a rather long process, but it’s important that your hair follicles grow slightly in-between treatments so they are at the ideal stage of growth when damaged by the laser. This long process will give you long-term results, but it’s important to remember that you may need to receive follow-up treatments once or twice a year to ensure the follicles cooperate.


5-10 Treatments | 4-6 Weeks

Many people seek out laser hair removal to target unwanted hairs in the bikini area. This part of the body is another hormonal area; this means that you will need more treatments than a non-hormonal area of the body.

You can expect to get about five to ten treatments before achieving the results that you would like to see. You should keep in mind that you will need to wait about four to six weeks between your treatments for this area of your body as well.

The worst-case scenario is that you will be in the process of eliminating the hair in your bikini area for approximately one year. Here’s the good news: you will no longer need to worry about the discomfort and annoyance that comes with shaving or waxing ever again.You will need to have general upkeep appointments to ensure that your hair follicles do not produce any more unwanted hair in the treated area.


6-8 Treatments | 4-6 Weeks

Are you tired of shaving your underarms every day just to see that annoying bit of stubble the next morning? Laser hair removal will eliminate this problem for you — you will no longer need to worry about the state of your armpits any time you wear a bikini or a tank top.

The underarms are also another hormonal part of the body as the hair is produced after puberty, so you can expect about six to eight treatments every six weeks before seeing optimal results. These timeframes may seem daunting to you, but don’t worry as the treatments only last about ten minutes or so.


3-6 Treatments | 4-6 Weeks

We’ve finally reached the point where there are no more hormonal areas of the body to treat — this means that the remaining areas listed will require less treatments. You could potentially get away with three treatments per leg and achieve your desired results.

It’s not uncommon to hear of people needing up to six treatments either; this is because the efficacy of laser hair removal depends on skin type, age, and other contributing factors. The lack of hormones in this area of the body do not affect the wait time; you will still need to wait approximately four to six weeks between each treatment.


5-7 Treatments | 4-6 Weeks

Men typically enjoy receiving laser hair removal on their backs because of unwanted hair that seemingly grows in excess. Men will typically need about five to seven sessions to effectively rid the back of hair. Women who would like to opt to receive laser hair removal treatments on their back should only expect a couple of sessions. It’s important to note that the required number of sessions is reliant on the amount of hair that you have in the region. While the number of treatments may vary from patient to patient, every patient should be aware that they must wait about four to six weeks between each treatment.

Laser hair removal proves to be a viable option for men and women who have grown tired of dealing with the constant difficulties of waxing and shaving. This process is desirable because it requires less maintenance after the initial treatments.

While the amount of time that it takes to achieve effective results may seem intimidating, it’s important to remember that the upkeep is much more manageable.

You can throw your razors away, say goodbye to the feeling of wax burning your body, and enjoy the feeling of freedom as you enjoy your life without hair.

Many people find that the treatments are worth it as the upkeep only requires one or two short visits per year after the initial treatments. Say goodbye to your unwanted hair for good when you choose laser hair removal!

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