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My First Med-Spa Appointment in Pittsburgh

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Stepping into a Med Spa for the first time can feel like walking into a new world - a blend of clinical precision and luxurious indulgence. And while many people have shared stories of their med spa experiences, everyone's journey is unique. That's why I wanted to share my personal account of my visit to Avere Beauty Medical Spa, located in the vibrant heart of Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh. From the bustling drive downtown to the anticipation of meeting my injector, I hope my narrative gives you a firsthand perspective of what it truly feels like to invest in your aesthetic self at this remarkable place. Come, walk this journey with me as I pull back the curtain on a transformative Med Spa experience.

 The drive to Avere Beauty Med Spa is equally charming, with a journey that starts in downtown Pittsburgh and continues through Lawrenceville's trendy streets. Cultural landmarks, cool shops, and bustling life mark the route.
Making my way to Avere through the bustling streets of Lawrenceville

The journey to our medical spa begins in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, where the rhythm of corporate hustle and bustle orchestrates the city's daily symphony. Glass-fronted skyscrapers kiss the sky, their mirrored surfaces reflecting the pulse of a city on the move. As I navigate through the city's steel and concrete arteries, the energy of downtown Pittsburgh buzzes around me, vibrant and alive.

As I cross the iconic bridge that serves as the city's architectural handshake with its surrounding neighborhoods, the cityscape starts to transform. Suddenly, I find myself on Butler Street, a lifeline that leads me into the cultural epicenter of Lawrenceville.

Known as Pittsburgh's hipster hub, Lawrenceville welcomes me with a fascinating blend of the old and the new. Historic brick buildings, once warehouses and factories, are now home to an eclectic mix of trendy boutiques, craft breweries, and specialty stores. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the enticing scent of international cuisines, evidence of the culinary renaissance that has taken over the district.

Passing Doughboy Square, I am reminded of the neighborhood's spirit of resilience. The square stands as a symbol of a community that has brilliantly reinvented itself, transforming from an industrial heartland into a creative haven.

As I pull into a parking space in front of Avere Beauty, tucked amid Lawrenceville's vibrant tapestry, the anticipation builds. I am ready to leave the dynamic energy of the city behind and step into the serene embrace of our spa. Each segment of this drive has painted a beautiful portrait of Pittsburgh, setting the perfect tone for my day of relaxation and rejuvenation.

A vibrant and welcoming lobby of Madera Med Spa sets the perfect tone for an aesthetic treatment journey. The author captures a cheerful selfie, showing the anticipation and readiness for a transformative experience.
Excited and ready to begin my journey with Avere Med Spa. Can't wait to meet Chelsea, my injector!

There's an inherent buzz in the air as I step through the door of the pristine medical spa. The soft ambient music drifts through the space, mixing with the soft murmur of relaxed conversation. Overhead, the chandelier casts a warm and inviting glow across the elegant furniture natural light and energy of Butler Street.

I can't help but feel my nerves start to relax in response to the calm atmosphere. I pull out my phone, turning the camera to face me and capture a quick selfie in the stunning lobby. The twinkling lights of the chandelier reflect in my eyes, mirroring my excitement.

As I slide my phone back into my pocket, I see Chelsea, my favorite injector, approaching. Her warm smile reaches her eyes and she greets me like an old friend. Despite the familiarity, there's always a glimmer of professional intensity in her gaze. It's clear that she takes her role seriously, and that's why I trust her with my care.

Join me on my transformational journey at Pittsburgh Med Spa, located in the heart of Lawrenceville. Discover how their experienced injector Chelsea, makes the aesthetic treatment smooth, empowering, and worthwhile. Get an insider's perspective on everything from the pre-treatment anticipation to the post-treatment exhilaration, and see why Avere Beauty Med Spa is more than just a med spa - it's a partner in your journey of self-love and confidence.
Hi Chelsea!

With a laugh and a friendly hand on my shoulder, she leads me back to the treatment room. I know that no matter what service I’m here for today, I'm in safe and skilled hands. The combination of Chelsea's expertise and the luxurious atmosphere of the medical spa makes for an experience that's as enjoyable as it is transformative.

Navigating the price point and product selection was a breeze, thanks to Chelsea's expert guidance. She explained to me that the price per unit for neuromodulator was $13, a competitive price point for such a high-quality service. Furthermore, they gave me a choice between different brands of neuromodulators, some offering a softer hold than others, allowing me to tailor the experience to my unique needs.

As for the fillers, the starting price was $600. Again, the range of brands was extensive, each promising a unique effect on my face. She patiently walked me through the different types, explaining in detail the nuances of each brand - how some could add volume, others smoothness, and others more definition.

I found this level of transparency extremely comforting. Instead of simply selling a product, Chelsea was intent on ensuring that I understood exactly what I was choosing and how it would impact my results. This, coupled with the careful guidance, affirmed to me that I was investing wisely in my aesthetic goals. I could clearly see where my money was going and how it was going to work for me, something I truly appreciated.

A well-organized treatment tray at Avere Beauty  speaks volumes about their meticulous preparation for every client. Each tool and product is neatly arranged, ready to be used by the expert injector.
Everything's set! Numbing cream on the way, Chelsea's taking great care of me.

I glance down at the treatment tray as Chelsea steps out of the room to prepare the numbing cream. I’m fascinated by the carefully arranged array of tools and products, all clinically clean and organized with precision.

The thought of the care and attention that goes into every procedure here fills me with a reassuring confidence. Each item on the tray has a purpose, each one part of the puzzle that will enhance my natural beauty and help me feel like my best self.

The neat rows of syringes are filled with possibilities, each one a key to unlock a different kind of transformation. Some contain the elixirs that can soften the creases of time across my forehead or around my eyes. Others hold the solution that can add youthful plumpness to my lips or enhance the contours of my cheekbones.

A picture of the treatment tray wouldn't look out of place in a medical textbook, yet the sterile clinical aspect is softened by the elegance of the room. The soft, natural light illuminates the tray, making the metal tools gleam and the glass vials sparkle. It's a beautiful sight, a perfect blend of aesthetics and science.

Even as a patient, I appreciate the artistry involved.

As I take out my phone to capture the image, I feel the anticipation building within me. I know that soon, Chelsea will return, her skilled hands will select each tool in turn, and my treatment will begin.

Captures a moment during the injection session. The injector, Chelsea, displays a perfect blend of expertise and empathy, making the treatment a breeze
In the safe hands of Chelsea! A smooth, quick, and enlightening injection session

The spotlight in the blog now shifts to the highlight of my visit - meeting Chelsea, my injector for the day. Her warm smile coupled with an air of professionalism puts me instantly at ease. As I settle into the treatment chair, I take a moment to observe the environment. A photo captures this moment: Chelsea, poised with the syringe, her focus unwavering.

Chelsea takes the time to explain everything in detail before we start - the procedure, the benefits, and what I should expect. There's a comforting sense of transparency to the conversation. She listens to my concerns, assuages my fears, and doesn’t pressure me to go through with anything until I feel ready.

The photo captures the start of the injection process. The needle is sharp, the syringe filled with the clear liquid that promises rejuvenation. But there's a calm assurance in Chelsea's demeanor that keeps any discomfort at bay. It isn’t completely painless - but then again, the best things rarely are.

What impresses me most is how smoothly and quickly everything happens. The meticulous preparation, the actual process, and the attentive care afterward. I’m left marveling at the efficiency of it all.

The photo stands as a testament to the seamless experience, a visual echo of the professionalism, care, and expertise that defines my visit to the medical spa.

Post-treatment, the author receives a comprehensive aftercare sheet from Chelsea. This moment signifies the end of the treatment but the beginning of a rejuvenated experience and a long-term relationship with Avere Med Spa
Armed with aftercare instructions and a newfound confidence. Can't wait to share my results!

After the procedure, Chelsea hands me an aftercare sheet, a photo capturing this final touch of professionalism. The sheet is comprehensive, detailing everything I need to know for the days ahead, reminding me of steps to take and habits to nurture to ensure the best results. It's a reassuring send-off and an affirmation of the commitment the spa has to their clients' well-being beyond the treatment room.

As we wrap up, Chelsea turns to me, her eyes reflecting genuine interest as she asks about my experience. I find myself appreciating this moment – it's not often you find a place that cares about the person behind the patient. As I share my thoughts, I can't help but express how pleased I am with the treatment.

I walk away; I take a moment to admire my reflection, my skin radiating with a fresh glow, a subtle enhancement that boosts my confidence. The feeling is exhilarating, knowing that I've invested in an aesthetic treatment that not only enhances my appearance but also my well-being.

What led me to choose this particular medical spa was its reputation for providing high-quality treatments while ensuring a welcoming and supportive environment. From the moment I first walked through their doors, I felt a sense of warmth and inclusivity, a dedication to client satisfaction that sets them apart from the rest.

The photos, the memories, the experience – all resonate with the high standard of service I received. It's in these little details – the warm welcome, the extensive consultation, the gentle reassurances during the procedure, the comprehensive aftercare, and the genuine interest in my thoughts and feedback – that I know I made the right choice. Today, I walk away not just with a new aesthetic treatment, but with a newfound appreciation for what truly exceptional service in the world of medical spas looks like.

And so, my journey with Avere Beauty Med Spa concluded, leaving me with a newfound appreciation for the meticulous art of aesthetic treatments. As I stepped out into the bustling streets of Lawrenceville, a newfound confidence surged through me, reflecting in my rejuvenated appearance. I chose Avere for their expertise, but I'll return for their authenticity, the empowering experience, and the genuine care they have for their clients.

In a world where aesthetic treatments can often feel intimidating, my experience at Avere Beauty was anything but. It's not just about the treatments they offer but the personalized care, transparency, and attention to detail they give to each client. This journey has not just been about enhancing my appearance but has also been an exploration of self-love and confidence.

I can proudly say that the investment I made is already paying dividends, not just in my reflection in the mirror but in the way I carry myself each day. If you're considering taking a step towards aesthetic treatments, remember that the right place and people can make all the difference. Here's to self-love, confidence, and a med spa experience that is, truly, more than skin deep.

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Author's Disclosure* - Olivia is now an Employee of Avere Beauty but her experience was an account of


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