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Pittsburgh's #1 New Medspa has the deals.

Trick or treat yourself to the best medspa deals in Pittsburgh. This fall, enjoy our exclusive offers for a limited time.

Avere Beauty Skinpen Microneedling.jpg


Get your first SkinPen treatment for $300 this month and take away all the summer sun damage. Rebuild collagen for a less spooky appearance.

Newtox on Black with smoke.jpg


Don't scream when you see it, but $10/unit for Botox, Dysport, or Jeuveau is kind of haunting. Purchase any Juvederm product to activate this deal.



It has to be the urban legend of deals. $675 for 1.2mL of filler AND 20 units of Jeuveau for FREE. It's time to ghost the wrinkles.


only $675

You'd think it was a trick.

1.2mL Syringe + 20 Units of Jeuveau

Versa + Promo.00_00_00_00.Still002.png




$10/unit with purchase of any filler

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