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Will fillers give me duck lips?!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The answer is NO, well... not normally at least.

The small amounts per syringe of filler are unlikely to initially give you duck lips. But, if you continue adding filler and utilize a not so stellar practitioner; then there is a chance.

Everyone wants the "Kylie Lip" right off the bat. That takes multiple session and multiple syringes of filler to enhance lips like that.

Don't you remember Kylie before filler?

Keep in mind that this is a multiple appointment, expensive endeavor. If you are willing to commit to that and be realistic about goals and expectations when discussing it with your practitioner, then by all means get that plump pout! Just ensure you are picking a skilled professional, with available photos of drastic outcomes.

Make sure you have a good consultation and are comfortable with your injector!

When you have a consultation with your practitioner, and are able to look at your lip and facial anatomy and determine the best option for your features, you are able to develop a solid plan. As usual the biggest thing to remember is be realistic. We all want to give you that exact feature you show us from a picture of someone else, but sometimes it's just not in your best interest.

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