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Why is Lip Filler Treatment So Popular?

Updated: 3 days ago

Injectable lip fillers are giving people in Pittsburgh that full and sexy pout they desire. Thanks to medi-spa treatments delivered by trained professionals, long-lasting results are available for fuller lips and reduced vertical lip lines. It’s all thanks to safe and effective JUVÉDERM® technology. Let’s take a closer look at why this treatment is so popular.

Is there an increase in using lip fillers in Pittsburgh, and around the world?

According to Google Trends, there has been an increase in searches for fuller lips of over 73 percent worldwide and 97 percent in the United States from 2004 to 2021. This shows that no matter where in the world you are, people are searching for information about lip fillers. Here is why:

Reason 1: Reality TV

Certain television shows have been researched and thought to play a part in the increase in the desire for lip fillers. When Love Island 2021 came out, the search for lip fillers increased 49 percent. Some of the most common searches were Sharon Love Island Lips and Fay Love Island lips. Wanting to have lips like reality television stars has caused lip fillers in Pittsburgh to gain in popularity.

Reason 2: Welcome to the social media generation

Teens and early 20-year-olds are more active on their smart phones than ever before. With so many social media platforms to monitor and participate in, many people have become social media connoisseurs. Current platforms are full of pictures and short videos of dances, outfits and make up. As the pictures flash through our minds it inspires us to think about what we may want to look like, touch up, or change. Getting lip fillers in Pittsburgh is something that anyone can do if they are inspired by the fuller lips they see on social media.

Reason 3: Our favorite stars admit to using lip filler

Many stars have attained their perfect lips through the use of lip fillers. When the stars are admired for their physical beauty and they openly talk about using lip filler, it has become less taboo and more mainstream and accepted. This acceptance has led to the increase in why lip fillers in Pittsburgh are so popular.

Reason 4: Corrections and inner/outer confidence

There are many things that getting lip fillers in Pittsburgh can help with. Fillers can help correct lip asymmetries, reduce the lines on your lips and mouth, define the lip shape or make your lips fuller. Your lips accent the beauty of your face and they deserve attention. For more information about lip fillers in Pittsburgh and where to find the best and most experienced professional injectors, click here.

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