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Why is Coolpeel the New Laser Treatment That’s Better Than Retinol?

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

In almost every layer of society, the appearance of youth and energy is sought after. For women, anti-aging creams and treatments are required to even out wrinkles and eliminate skin blemishes. These treatments provide women with a helpful boost to their self-esteem by removing blemishes and helping their skin stay healthy. Unfortunately, they can require a large amount of time, whether through a daily care routine or recovery after a laser treatment. Our Coolpeel laser treatment in Pittsburgh bypasses these issues while providing women with amazing results.

Old Skin Completely Removed

Many creams and lotions that reduce wrinkles and discolorations still leave old skin cells behind. They confront the surface issues, and can provide helpful nutrients to the skin, but require daily use to really have an effect.

By undergoing Coolpeel laser treatment in Pittsburgh, you can gain long lasting results from just one treatment. Rather than just addressing the problems of aging skin, our Coolpeel treatments eliminate them.

Our lasers remove the top layer of old skin, leaving a healthy and fresh layer in its place. The new layer of skin is fresh, bright and tighter. This takes away the definition of age lines and leaves only healthy skin behind.

One Time Coolpeel Laser Treatment in Pittsburgh

When using creams or lotions such as Retinol, a daily care routine must be established. These products work best on clean skin, meaning you need to take the time to fully cleanse the face before the product is applied. While some people may not mind these daily rituals, others may not have the time.

A Coolpeel laser treatment in Pittsburgh can eliminate the need for such a dedicated process. With only one laser treatment, you can put aside long care routines. While it is still a good idea to perform some form of facial and skin care, long sessions to reduce surface aging can be a thing of the past.

Quick Recovery

One of the most challenging aspects of most laser treatments is their long recovery requirements. Because the lasers burn away the top layer of skin, they can also end up damaging lower layers or removing more than is necessary.

While not harmful in the long run, this creates lengthy recovery times and could leave women hesitant to pursue additional treatments. With a Coolpeel laser treatment in Pittsburgh, your recovery has never been shorter.

True to its name, Coolpeel treatments use exceptionally short bursts of heat that barely touch the remaining layers of skin. With this technology, the lasers are able to effectively remove the top layer of skin while leaving the lower layer unharmed and without need for recovery.

For those looking to reduce visible signs of aging, highlight their beauty and increase their self-esteem, a Coolpeel laser treatment in Pittsburgh is the way to go. With a one-time treatment and short recovery period, you’re left with healthy, fresh, tighter skin. Gone are the days of constant anti-aging creams and worries. With our laser treatments, you can step forward with confidence and style.

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