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When Should You Opt for Laser Hair Removal?

Updated: May 24

Not all adults are happy with their body hair, and most people do want at least some of it removed. After all, it grows everywhere! There are a lot of reasons to remove it, and those who are wondering about their options must be considering laser hair removal as one of them. There is a lot to know about the benefits and the different choices before making a decision. Here are things to know about laser hair removal in Pittsburgh, PA before deciding.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a very common cosmetic procedure. It is usually permanent, but it takes several treatments to complete. Laser hair removal is appropriate for most people, and more men are opting in! The most common places unwanted hair is removed from is from the face, legs, back and buttocks, arms and underarms, and the bikini area. There are even more areas than that if wanted.

How Does it Work?

Highly concentrated beams of light are focused into the hair follicles. This laser beam heats the melanin in skin which absorbs the heat and distributes through the pigment in the hair follicle and in doing so, it destroys the hair and delays future growth. However, permanent laser hair removal in Pittsburgh, PA can’t be achieved in just one treatment. It can take eight or more treatments over four to six weeks.

Why Does It Take Time?

Hair follicles may grow together, but they are all at different stages of growth, and each one has to be hit with the laser when it is in its active growth stage. The reason that you have to keep returning is to be sure that each hair follicle is zapped at just the right stage. You will likely notice that your hair is finer, and growth is less noticeable after the first treatment, but the best results come after the proper course of treatments.

It Isn’t That Painful

One thing that may stop people from choosing this option for hair removal is the thought of having laser beams of heat aimed at their delicate areas, but those who have had it done say that it is very comfortable. If there is pain, it is quick and fleeting, almost like an elastic band snap. But when you opt for laser hair removal in Pittsburgh, PA, their use of modern laser hair removal technology ensures that the laser has a cool touch tip, which keeps the skin cool, and the coolness of the skin means less pain from the laser.

Keep it Cool

Lasers work better and feel more comfortable on cool skin. Stay out of the sun or tanning beds for at least a month before the session and immediately after the session, don’t heat up your body by working out at the gym, taking hot showers, saunas or baths. The heat from the laser will stay in the skin, and extra heat after can create a warm environment for bacteria.

When Should You Opt for Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh, PA?

When you have a lot of unwanted body hair and are tired of constantly shaving, or you suffer from ingrown hairs and you want something more permanent than shaving, call us at Avere Beauty to speak with an aesthetician about laser hair removal in Pittsburgh, PA.

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