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What is #newtox"?

Updated: Feb 21

You may be wondering what this new buzzword "newtox" means. If you're in the beauty world, you may be aware the Botox is a brand from the biotech company Allergan. Allergan has been around a long time and had essentially a monopoly on botulinum toxin. But...

#Newtox is the hashtag given to a relatively new product from Pharma company Evolus for their botulinum toxin branded as Jeuveau that comes in 100 unit vials.

Where did Evolus come from?

Evolus, a relatively new company, was formed in 2012. The team consists of a small number of dedicated individuals with a passion for innovating beauty and cosmetics.

#Newtox is a hashtag given to newcomer biotech company Evolus' brand of botulinum toxin and is used to freeze muscles in attempt to reduce wrinkles caused by facial expressions & aging. #Newtox is coined to generate buzz and compete with the brand Botox but contains a similar formula.

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