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What Four Questions Should You Ask Your Lip Filler Consultant?

Updated: 3 days ago

Dermal fillers and lip fillers are an easy and generally risk-free form of natural enhancement. However, that does not mean that, for those who are interested in this non-surgical procedure, there is nothing that you need to know or ask. If you are interested, or concerned, here are four questions that you should ask your lip filler consultant before and after your injections of lip fillers in Pittsburgh, PA.

Which filler do you use?

There are different brands of lip fillers available. The lip filler brand should contain hyaluronic acid, which is an injection of gel. The gels fill in wrinkles, give volume, and provide a smoother, younger appearance. You can ask your lip filler consultant about what is in the lip fillers they use, and which are the brand names that they trust the most. Perhaps your clinic uses only one of these brands. Check into which one and why before you sign off on your lip fillers in Pittsburgh, PA.

Can I get the results I want with dermal injections?

Always start by consulting your lip filler consultant to discuss the results that you are hoping for. Lip fillers in Pittsburgh, PA can make you look great and feel great, but do check that your goals align with what is possible and wise. The fillers are safe because they are not permanent. However, lip fillers will plump out your lips. Dermal lip fillers can give volume to thin lips and take away wrinkles. As well, the lip fillers in Pittsburgh, PA can improve the shape, but it is not very likely that your lips will look too big. Your lip filler consultant will discuss the results with you.

Will I look natural?

Be sure to ask your lip filler consultant about how you will look and feel after the injection. Remember that the results are not meant to last the rest of your life. Lip fillers are not fake; they just plump the lips out a bit. This will last for a year or so, and it can be redone after that. The results are natural and, in fact, should not even be noticeable. Your friends will merely notice that you look great; if the lip fillers are properly done by lip fillers in Pittsburgh, PA, they will not know why!

What should I do before and after?

Although there are no long-term damages or side effects from receiving lip fillers in Pittsburgh, PA, it is a good idea to know what you can and should do to prepare for your appointment. You might be wondering if there will be pain or discomfort from the needle. There may be a small amount of swelling and redness, or bruising, and your cosmetician can tell you what you can do to lessen these temporary side effects, such as avoiding alcohol, exercise, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Lip fillers in Pittsburgh, PA are a very popular way of making yourself feel better fast. That is why these procedures are so popular! Like having your hair done, the results of the lip fillers are seen sometimes even before you leave the lip filler’s chair! Once you know what you want, and you have thought about these questions, you are ready to talk to your lip filler consultant about how you can make it happen. Click here for more information.

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