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Tips for Choosing the Best Med Spa in Your City

Updated: May 24

Have you been thinking of ways to feel your best inside and out? Have you considered a med spa to help your confidence shine through? If you answered yes to those questions, we have tips for choosing the best med spa in Pittsburgh.

What is a Med Spa?

A med spa in Pittsburgh provides cosmetic services that include minimally invasive procedures such as laser treatments, injections, acupuncture, cryo fat removal and more. These are not surgical procedures so they can be performed as an outpatient service. These procedures are offered in a luxurious spa environment so you can relax, enjoy yourself and feel pampered.

How to Find the Best Med Spa in Pittsburgh?

Med spa services are highly sought after but as they are medical in nature, they need to be performed by a trained technician and in a sterile environment. Our first tip is to strictly avoid anyone offering these services out of their home or at an “injection party,” and to also avoid anyone that will not show their up-to-date credentials.

Next, take a look at the med spa’s reviews. The best med spa in Pittsburgh will have many positive reviews on independent sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook. Here at Avere Beauty, we are very proud of our 200+ five-star reviews on Google, and our many five-star reviews on Facebook. As these reviews are voluntary, they speak to our commitment, safety and customer service.

Also take a look at the med spa when you arrive. It should be very clean. Any dust buildup on equipment, dirty baseboards, wax splashes that have not been cleaned up, etc., are not ideal. When injections, laser and other procedures are breaking the skin, infections can happen if the environment is not sterile. The foyer, waiting room and treatment rooms should be absolutely clean. The technicians should have hair secured and be in gloves and a mask (where necessary) during the treatments.

Finally, only the best med spas in Pittsburgh will offer a consultation. This is crucial to help the technician fully understand your goals, your skin type, work with you on pain management and more. The consultation should not feel pushy or uncomfortable, but you should expect honesty. If a procedure is not right for you, you may be offered a different solution.

Avere Beauty: A Med Spa in Pittsburgh You can Count On

Avere Beauty is proud to offer the latest skin and body treatments in our clean and serene med spas. We are Pittsburgh’s #1 new med spa for Botox, Dysport and RHA. Our trained technicians, along with a variety of procedures, ensure we have the solutions you need. We invite you to visit us today online or at one of our locations so we can show you the difference med spa services can make. Feel confident inside out – today.

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