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The Uses, Benefits, And Warnings Of Fraxel Laser Treatment

What is Fraxel Laser Treatment?

Fraxel laser treatment is used to remove any type of skin imperfection, such as blemishes, scars, fine wrinkles, sun damage, rosacea, age spots, hyperpigmentation, surgical scars, and uneven skin tone. It works to improve skin tone and rejuvenates the skin. Any part of the body, including the neck, chest, hands, legs, and face can benefit from Fraxel laser treatment.

Fraxel laser treatment is performed by a dermatologist. Tiny non-invasive lasers penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate the development of new collagen and elastin. A fraction of the skin is targeted, as the skin’s regenerative process stimulates the growth of new healthy skin cells to replace old, damaged cells. Essentially, it works from the inside out to blast away any skin imperfections. To reduce discomfort during a Fraxel Laser Treatment, a numbing cream will be applied to the area being targeted. While the cost of Fraxel laser treatment will vary by region, type of treatment, and the number of sessions needed, it typically ranges in price from $500 to $5000.

What Is Fraxel Laser Treatment Used For?

Fraxel laser treatment is designed to improve and resurface the texture of your skin. People between the ages of 25 and 60 can benefit from Fraxel laser treatment. These treatments are extremely effective at treating things such as:

• Softening the lines of fine wrinkles

• Reducing acne scars, such as icepick, boxcar, and post-acne hyperpigmentation

• Helping to heal traumatic wounds, including surgical areas and sores

• Correction of textural issues

• Lightening age spots and brown sunspots

• Balancing out uneven skin tone

• Reducing stretch marks

Benefits of Fraxel Laser Treatment

As Fraxel laser treatments are non-invasive and do not require any surgery or injections, there is little downtime needed for recovery when compared to other skin rejuvenation treatments. After just a few days (usually 3-5), you can return to your normal routine. It is a convenient treatment option that provides anti-aging benefits that appear normal. Fraxel laser treatment discreetly leaves you with glowing and younger-looking skin, without any dramatic alterations. It is more effective than any topical treatment because it works at breaking up the scar tissue that is causing the imperfections. This allows it to provide long-lasting results, with minimal treatments. Significant and lasting results can usually be seen with as little as one Fraxel laser treatment.

Warnings To Consider About Fraxel Laser Treatment

Be prepared for some discomfort as your skin works to repair itself. Your skin will be red, puffy, and itchy the first few days after treatment, and it will eventually start to flake off. You will also need to avoid the sun and be diligent about applying sunscreen as your skin heals and the new cells develop. The thick creams and bandages that are required to be used after Fraxel laser treatment may irritate your skin and can cause acne to flare up. There is also a small risk of scarring or infection.

As with any type of medical procedure, you should always consult with your doctor first. Your doctor may advise against Fraxel laser treatment for the following reasons:

• You have been prescribed isotretinoin (Claravis, Myorisan, Zenatane) for acne in the last year

• You have an autoimmune condition or a weakened immune system

• You have sensitive skin and the potential to scar easily

• You have had radiation treatments done on your face

• You are predisposed to cold sores or have recently had a cold sore or herpes virus outbreak

• You have a darker skin tone

• You are pregnant or nursing

For those looking to reverse the signs of aging or those in search of ways to reduce skin imperfections, Fraxel laser treatment provides a way to restore vitality to your skin. Damaged skin is replaced with new, fresh skin, resulting in the perfect healthy look. Contact Avere Beauty to know more.

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