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The “Coolest” New Skin Treatment: Tetra CoolPeel at Avere Beauty

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Tetra CoolPeel Skin Resurfacing in Pittsburgh
Tetra CoolPeel Skin Resurfacing in Pittsburgh

Laser skin resurfacing has grown increasingly popular for those wanting a little facial rejuvenation — but why choose these treatments over others if they have unnecessary adverse side effects? Here at Avere Beauty, we understand that you’re busy with the hustle and bustle of life in 2022. There’s no need to avoid laser skin treatments anymore if you can’t afford the downtime — SmartXide Tetra CoolPeel is a new type of laser skin resurfacing that has completely changed the industry. Not only does this popular new treatment have little to no downtime, but it’s also more cost-effective! Here’s everything you need to know about SmartXide Tetra CoolPeel by Cartessa to see if it’s the right fit for you:

How Does the CoolPeel Work?

The CoolPeel laser treatment uses the Smartxide Tetra laser, one of today’s most advanced CO2 lasers. This innovative skin resurfacing and regenerative treatment effectively targets sun damage, age spots, enlarged pores, acne damage, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and wrinkles. This skin rejuvenation treatment works by lasering the skin at high peak power, but in extremely short pulses at low energy settings. The short pulses create a controlled injury to the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis.

The SmartXide Tetra CoolPeel laser targets the superficial layer of damaged skin tissue — promoting collagen production and new cell creation as the skin lightly peels. The laser’s short pulses cause less heat build-up in the skin — resulting in a quick recovery. While other ablative lasers would have required more downtime and a longer recovery, this Pittsburgh CoolPeel treatment was designed to give the optimal level of ablation with minimal thermal damage to the surrounding tissue.

Is the Tetra CoolPeel Right For Me?

We’re one of the best medspas in Pittsburgh in 2022 because we take the time to guide our customers toward the right treatment. Based on the increase in popularity and demand for this new laser, we believe the CoolPeel will be one of the hottest lasers in Pittsburgh this year (despite being called CoolPeel). This laser treatment will leave you with tighter skin, a more balanced skin tone, and a smoother facial texture. Not only is this laser treatment a great option if you’re looking to use laser technology to deeply rejuvenate your skin — but it’s also beneficial for many other skin conditions! We suggest SmartXide Tetra CoolPeel laser treatments to those who are experiencing photodamage, scarring, pigmentation, or deep wrinkles.

One of the best aspects of this treatment is that it works well for all skin types. If you’re looking to revamp your skin using more than one skincare treatment method — you’re in luck! The CoolPeel treatment is impressive because you can use it in combination with other skincare technologies, such as microneedling. While it’s not necessary to combine multiple skin treatments if you receive a CoolPeel treatment, you’re given the option to if you’d like! We can tailor a personalized skin care treatment plan that leaves you feeling and looking good. Lastly, this cost-effective laser treatment option doesn’t require anesthesia or localized numbing. This treatment has minimal discomfort because topical anesthesia is unnecessary. CoolPeel is a fantastic option for those with low pain tolerance, but still find themselves wanting the perks of skin rejuvenation.

We want you to feel satisfied with any treatments you receive in our space — so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.

tetra cool peel results
What does the Tetra CoolPeel cO2 Laser do?

How Long is the Recovery?

You don’t need to cancel your dinner plans tomorrow night at that hot new restaurant in Pittsburgh after receiving a CoolPeel laser treatment. Since the recovery for this treatment is estimated to be about 24 hours, you could opt to receive this skin laser treatment on Thursday morning and attend an event on Friday night looking and feeling fabulous.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

The SmartXide Tetra CoolPeel by Cartessa doesn’t just have a quick recovery time — a full-face treatment only takes approximately ten minutes! We love when our customers relax in our space here at Avere Beauty, but this specific treatment is an in-and-out type of visit. If you’d like to use a laser to reduce wrinkles and see results fast, this treatment is perfect for you — and who doesn’t want to see results fast?

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

While you will start to see some results within 24 hours — results will develop within a couple of days. You may still notice improvements for up to six months after your CoolPeel treatment! After receiving your initial SmartXide Tetra CoolPeel treatment, we suggest coming for touchup treatments approximately one month apart to maintain long-lasting results.

The Differences Between the SmartXide TetraCoolPeel and Other Lasers

The SmartXide Tetra CoolPeel is considered a non-invasive laser treatment, so the downtime is considerably lower than alternative laser treatments. If you opt to use the CoolPeel versus another C02 laser, you’ll save yourself a few weeks of recovery time. Seriously, most of the other C02 lasers require a few weeks of healing! This versatile laser uses a unique pulse shape emission selection through pulse shape design technology, allowing for tailored results and downtime. Further, the advanced system is more comfortable than other laser treatments due to the prevention of excess heat.

Wrapping It Up

While there are numerous other facial rejuvenation treatments you could opt to receive, we believe the SmartXide Tetra CoolPeel is one of the most beneficial treatments for all skin types. Everyone could benefit from this treatment in some way — whether it’s from simple skin rejuvenation to reducing deep wrinkles. This “cool” new treatment will definitely leave you looking and feeling younger! We recommend speaking to one of our clinicians and medical professionals if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding any of our treatments.

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