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Skin Care Tips From: Dr. Rashwan

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The views held in this article are not necessarily held by Avere Beauty and it is written by an outside participant.


Hi, I'm Dr. Menna Rashwan, I'm a Clinical Pharmacist currently working at Nestle as a regulatory and scientific affairs specialist in addition, I'm the Egyptian ambassador for MDmedicine American platform. In my free time, I'm a professional medical content developer.

As people always say “ A book is judged by its cover “, a woman is also judged by her skin.

Skin is not only how people see you from the outside, but it actually reflects your health state, personality and mood. Skincare makes you look much more glowy, healthy and beautiful indeed. Many women don’t know how to apply adequate skincare so for everyone who wants to unlock the mystery; here we go!

First, you have to identify your skin type to be able to choose the right product for your skin. If your face is always shiny or oily and you have wide pores then you have oily skin, but if your skin is oily only at your nose and forehead then your skin is combination skin. Adding to that, If your skin is always dry and it has no oils then you most likely have a dry skin.

Your skin may be prone to inflammation, rash and acne if exposed to sunlight or to certain products or ingredients then your skin is sensitive. The Golden rule for good skin is HYDRATION!

If you don’t drink enough water your skin will always look pale; regardless the effectiveness of the skin care routine you are following. Women should get 2.5 – 3 Liters of water per day! to ensure adequate water intake.

After following the golden rule, here’s what you want to do every morning:

First, use warm water to wash your face to open up your skin pores then use a cleanser that suits your skin type. The cleanser helps your skin to remove all the dirt and makeup residues and keeps your skin super clean.

Secondly, use a toner. The toner closes your skin pores, soothes your skin, and it is a very important step. After that comes the main two steps in our routine;

- Sun Block

- Moisturizer

Those two steps help in preventing early aging of your skin as sunlight can cause huge damage to your skin and introduces wrinkles at young age.

The moisturizer will give you that healthy, glow-y look as your skin is hydrated. Another important thing I want to discuss is “Anti-Aging Products."

They are products that fights those harmful skin free-radicals and helps to stimulate natural skin collagen so they are totally beneficial as long as they suit your skin type. Many of my patients have been asking "when should I begin to use anti-aging products?" and the answer is "the earlier the better"

I always advise women to start using anti-aging products after passing 20 years. If you have been mistreating your skin while being young then most probably you will develop untreatable fine lines or wrinkles after your 30s; in that case, Botox is a great solution.

Although I'd say to explore alternate routes first; this is undoubtedly the quickest. But if you still don’t get any results then give it a try.

As most of you know from Alyssa's website here, Botox is a neurotoxin that acts by blocking the pathway between muscles and nerves so the injected muscles won’t be able to contract and no fine lines or wrinkles will appear. Botox is usually pretty expensive but this is a rather valuable deal with Avere I'm seeing.

BEWARE! - There are a lot of CHEAP places that do not use certified products. It is rather easy to spot the difference, but if you ever doubt the authenticity of your provider, they should have no problem certifying the legitimacy.

So guys, at the end, skin is a thing we will be living with forever, so taking care of it now means a future us as beautiful and healthy as we are now!

Follow your skincare and let your future you thank you later!

Dr. Menna Rashwan

Scientific affairs specialist at Nestle

The medical ambassador for MDmedicine

The Masters and PHD Curriculum editor for The American Physician Institute, Cardiology Department

Bachelors degree in Clinical Pharmacy

Misr International University

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