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I Have Bumps in My Lip After Filler: How to Fix and Address

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

What do I do if I see a bump after my lip augmentation?

Seeing lumps and bumps after lip filler can be scary, but it is nothing to fear.

The lump is usually benign and can be caused by bruising, swelling or a

hematoma at the injection site.

If the lump has discoloration that continues to grow in size, contact your

provider immediately to rule out a complication known as a vascular occlusion.

If you are cleared, there is no need to worry, and the lump will usually resolve

after your lips are healed at two weeks. You can minimize the swelling by icing

or applying a cold compress.

What if it does not go away?

Contact your provider after two weeks so they can assess your lips. If you

have bumps that are firm you may be developing a reaction to the filler known

as a granuloma and may need steroids.

For other bumps you may need a hard massage to smooth the bumps or hyaluronidase injected into those spots to dissolve them.

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