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How To Address Deep Glabellar Lines (The Dreaded "11's")

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Do you have deep glabellar lines, or more commonly known as 11's between your eyebrows? It can be a difficult area to remedy if your strong glabellar muscles, or furrowed brow, are resistant to holding down that 11.

You may choose to get Botox (or any neurotoxin) for many reasons, but most often clients do complain about their glabellar lines first and foremost. So how do you fix them?

I would recommend your first step being an adequate skin care regimen and a collagen supplement to help combat the age signs. But, when that is not enough the next step is typically a neurotoxin (Botox | Jeuveau) in the glabellar region. That typically consists of 5-6 injection points above the eyebrows. Frequently that is enough to decrease the muscle movement and keep those lines from worsening.

But, what if you have Botox'ed to no avail? You still have those wretched 11's and are getting frustrated with your Botox treatments. More Botox is not always the option. If you have tried touch up's, or adding more neurotoxin, and they work for a little while but you can still see your 11's- you may want to opt for filler.

Sometimes those lines become so deeply etched that a little bit of filler in them (such as Juvederm Ultra XC), as well as your Botox regimen, can assist in providing the results that you want.

It is, of course, client dependent and every treatment is personalized during consultations. But the use of filler can even out the deeply etched lines, and typically you do not need much (person dependent). When adding filler it is important to maintain your Botox as well because limiting the muscle movement in that area will allow the filler to do its job more successfully. It may break down quicker if the muscle movement is consistent.

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