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Hair Extensions with VIBE Salon

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Pittsburgh Hair Extensions and Botox
Taylor Rebisa, owner of VIBE Salon, checking out Alyssa's new hair extensions

Avere Beauty Supports Pittsburgh Salons

As a med spa, we understand the pressure to run an establishment that offers quality service, environment, and affordability. Our Botox and Lip Filler Pittsburgh offices have many other services like CoolSculpting, Kybella, PDO threads, and more. But, as of right now, the person we go to for hair and extensions - VIBE Salon

Real hair extensions aren't easy to do, but are easy to mess up. When looking for a salon to place your segments, you want to find someone who's done it a few times with good results, obviously. Check out VIBE Salon, located 10 minutes from Downtown #Pittsburgh

Trendy environment beauty salon VIBE

Pittsburgh Hair Salon VIBE's Vibes

Taylor Rebisa has been doing hair for over 5 years, with a specialty in hair extensions and color. Her office is a beautiful renovated 2 story with a safe and cozy first floor salon. Find yourself catching the VIBE as she provides a "tailored" experience and pristine personalized hair plan.

Botox, latisse, and hair extensions
Avere Beauty owner Alyssa Luciano

Many other salons throw you in a chair, ask what you want, and begin hacking away. VIBE Salon is the best hair extensions in Pittsburgh at the best price.

For the best hair extensions, women's and men's haircuts, and hair coloring, visit VIBE Salon in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and tell Taylor Rebisa we sent you.

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