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Updated: Sep 16, 2023

If you type this question into Google, most of the answers you’ll find will say YES. Descriptions like “warm rubber-band snap” or “hot needles” are what you’ll most commonly be told or see when scouring the internet.

But we’ll let you in on a little secret- laser hair removal at Avere Beauty is PAIN-FREE.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Yes you read that right, PAIN-FREE.

At Avere Beauty ( we strive to find the next best thing to offer at our practice, and once we heard that we could provide our patients with a service that works AND doesn’t hurt, we were all in.

Technology is everything when it comes to lasers, and we do our research and investigating to make sure the technology lives up to its claims.

This is why we chose to offer the Motus AZ+ with Moveo by Cartessa at our Pittsburgh location.

Not only does this laser work efficiently, but it works more safely.

We know, pain free laser hair removal sounds too good to be true, but we’ll break it down for you and explain why our laser really doesn’t hurt.

With most lasers on the market, the heat energy that is delivered into the skin has to pass through the top layers of skin to reach its’ target- which in the case of LHR is the hair follicle.

All of our pain receptors lie more superficially in our skin so when this heat energy passes through these layers of tissue we are really feeling it, which is why it hurts and feels like those hot needles and warm rubber band snaps.

Check out the Pain Free Laser Hair Removal technology!

These other lasers on the market also deliver this energy by repetitive and individual pulses or zaps in the treatment area, and this can lead to a less precise delivery of energy to the skin-which can cause injury or burns to the surrounding tissue, and take away from its’ efficiency.

With the Moveo, this heat energy is delivered directly to the hair follicles and is dispersed under the skin to bypass all these pain receptors, hence pain-free laser hair removal!

Rather than using many repetitive and individual zaps, the Moveo treatments are completed with simple and continuous movements over a small area that gradually delivers a precise dosage of energy to the targeted tissue without damaging the surrounding skin.

These continuous movements allow for almost 100% of the needed energy absorption to kill the hair follicle to be absorbed, so it yields better results as well.

As if you’re not already sold on trying out our pain free laser hair removal device, the Moveo also features integrated contact cooling to allow for more comfort during treatment, so your skin actually feels cool to the touch during treatment.

Because of the method of energy delivery with the Moveo, treatments are not only pain free, but they’re accomplished faster as well.

Another great thing about the Moveo Technology is that it is completely safe to treat all skin types, so we are able to customize these treatments for EVERYONE.

Are you interested in pain-free laser hair removal in the Pittsburgh area? Make a consultation appointment at our office to be assessed by one of our medical professionals to see if you’re a candidate!

Visit to book now!

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