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Do Men Get Botox? #brotox

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Of course men get Botox. Probably around 20% of our clientele are male. Why are more men starting to get Botox? The reason for most things anymore, social media...

There is more pressure, based on appearance, due to social media and dating websites. If you think about it, your picture is your first impression in our tech based world now.

There are also men who utilize it in the business world. There are some who have the belief that a youthful, "put together" appearance can translate into how meticulous you are in your business as well. Why not utilize any advantage possible in the cut throat world of business?

Long gone are the days when pictures and videos were planned ahead of time, few and far between, and you waited for them to develop weeks later to see if you even got a good one. Our instant gratification lives create more of a stressor on appearance. Instead of looking at it as a negative we can embrace it and look at it as feeling as good on the outside as you do on the inside. #selfconfidence

Men may require higher doses of Botox (or any neurotoxin) in order to have an expected

result due to their higher muscle mass. But, as with any client, visits and doses are adjusted based on expectations discussed during consultation.

So why can't men get Botox, filler, facials, manicures, etc? It is an attractive quality to perform self care and feel your best, for any sex. We need to stop the stigmas out there, and embrace peoples personal preferences and how they decide to make themselves feel good! #acceptance

Ladies, if you are making an appointment for Botox or fillers, don't forget to ask your significant other if they'd like one too. It may help to ease any anxieties they may have about wanting to partake! #normalizeALLselfcare

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