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Can I Use Different Types of Filler for My Lips and What’s the Difference?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Can I Use Different Types of Filler for My Lips and What’s the Difference??

The short answer to this question is yes!

It is a common misconception that some clients have when arriving and discussing options for dermal filler. “I’ve had Juvederm 6 months ago, does that affect anything?” This is a question heard by numerous of our providers.

Although we do not recommend mixing different fillers in one treatment area in a single session, it is common to use a variety of different dermal fillers over numerous sessions.

For example, using the question earlier, if a client had a Juvederm product in their lips in the past and is scheduled for more lip filler, it would not be a problem to use a Revanesse, Revance, Restylane product, etc.

Actually, in a lot of cases using a different dermal filler will actually compliment the one previously placed and will aid to create a beautiful result. With that being said, it is important to not combine more than one dermal filler in one area at a time because if there were to be some sort of reaction in the treatment area, it would be near impossible to determine which dermal filler was responsible.

Because of this, it is recommended to wait at least the full two weeks for the treatment area to be fully healed from the previous filler before even thinking about using a new product in the same area.

It is important to know the difference between dermal fillers. When discussing the difference, they vary by thickness, longevity, areas of indication, etc.

It is crucial that you have this conversation with your provider prior to receiving any dermal filler so that they are able to assist you in choosing the right product for you. All of the dermal fillers we carry at our offices are hyaluronic acid based which is a natural substance already present throughout our bodies.

Hyaluronic acid attracts water which will in turn plump up the areas where the dermal filler is injected. As discussed earlier, the makeup of each product is important because you would not want to inject a thick product into areas where you are looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines as this would make the area bulky, possibly bumpy and not look smooth.

Vice versa, if you’re looking to augment cheekbones or your jawline, you would not want to use a thin product as this would not create the volume you need to create definition and contour.

As mentioned earlier, we do not recommend combining two different products into a single treatment area in one sitting, however it is a separate situation if a client is trying to have more than one area of the face treated in the same appointment.

For example, a client comes in and wishes to have their cheeks, chin, and their lips done all in one session. It is completely acceptable to use three completely different products of dermal filler. One being placed in the cheeks, one in the chin, and one in the lips.

Cheek and chin filler typically require a thicker product to create definition whereas with the lips, you are able to use a variety of thinner to moderate thickness products to create the perfect lip depending on client wants.

With all of this being said, your provider is a wealth of knowledge, so be sure to ask all of the questions you have when being scheduled for any appointment. We are here to work with each individual to help achieve their beauty vision!

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