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Why Should You Choose Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

People usually want to remove their body hair, at least some part of it. Hair grows all over the human body after puberty, in different areas and at different amounts and thicknesses. It is sometimes removed to improve hygiene, or for aesthetic reasons. The reasons why may be cultural or it may be done for sexual or even medical reasons. The reasons remain, but the methods of hair removal are always changing and improving. Waxing and shaving can help but there are certainly longer-lasting methods today. One of the best methods is laser hair removal. Here are reasons why to choose laser hair removal when you want that unwanted body hair gone.

Modern Technology Has Made Laser Hair Removal Almost Painless

The best laser hair removal in Pittsburgh is more comfortable than ever before, and it can be performed on nearly every part of the body. It is certainly less painful than waxing and there is no need to worry about cuts from a razor or shaving burns. Laser hair removal is only as painful as a rubber band snap on the skin. Some may find that more painful than others, so be sure to discuss solutions and options with the aesthetician.

Laser Hair Removal Technology Just Keeps Improving

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a laser, (a high powered, quick ray of light) to heat the melanin in the skin. The melanin absorbs the heat and distributes the heat through the pigment in the hair. This damages the hair follicles and delays future growth for longer periods. More than one treatment is needed, and eventually the hair follicle will be damaged so much that it will not grow back.

Previously, quality laser hair removal treatments depended on skin tone. The best outcome was had with dark hair and light skin, since it is the hair and not the skin that absorbs the light. Modern laser hair removal is much more effective on a fuller range of skin tones.

Almost Everyone Can Choose Laser Hair Removal

Both men and women are interested in the laser hair removal choices, and men also want to discuss removing hair from areas like underarms, face, legs and back, as well as the groin areas. Men often want hair removed from the face to reduce the need for constant shaving. They also have aesthetic reasons, or sometimes athletic needs. Laser hair removal may need a few treatments, but it can become permanent. This is a big bonus for everyone.

Where Is the Best Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh?

Always go to a med spa for this type of treatment and talk to experienced professionals. Look to Avere Beauty for the best laser hair removal in Pittsburgh because we are clinicians and professionals with the training and certifications needed to perform safe and effective laser hair removal. Before any treatments, we will always discuss the risks, benefits and expectations. Contact us to know more.

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