Influencer Program

Welcome to Avere Beauty's Influencer Program where you have the opportunity to work with us on content development, brand awareness, and collaborative business strategy.


Some of the advantages of working with us include:

exclusive influencer rates for Botox & Juvederm Lip Filler
professional content production for cross branding purposes
sales incentives for select campaign partnerships

3 Reasons To Work With Avere Beauty.

We Do It All.

All of our marketing materials and media are developed in-house in a partnership with X3MKTG, a production and business development agency. This means that all of the content is PROFESSIONAL and ORIGINAL and we can help you build your portfolio.

Franchise Future

We are crafting Avere Beauty with the intent to franchise in the future. With that trajectory, we will be implementing larger and more exposed advertising campaigns with high-equity licensing.

Best Rates

Avere Beauty is currently up against some big players in the Pittsburgh area, but because of their current scale, they can't compete with our prices. Over the next few months, we will be increasing our market share significantly.

Avere Commission Plans

$5-10 CPA

Show up on shoot day and make some cool content!

We develop a release plan and schedule out the posts!

You are provided an affiliate link and with every customer you drive in, you receive a commission.


For use across the website and publication, these photos are very clean and simple. We want to maintain a professional aesthetic at Avere Beauty, and would like our influencers to have at least one editorial headshot.

Beauty Tip Vlog

Creating content similar to the video above allows us to engage with the exponentially growing YouTube audience. As we build up our YouTube account, we will be capable of providing valuable content to users of all demographics.


Avere Beauty is looking for influencers to star in scripted commercials similar to this. As we develop, we will be crafting situational and high budget productions. This would be a perfect chance for us to brand a genuine brand partnership.

Tutorial Video

We will shoot a tutorial video in our office for a beauty tip or makeup product. This tutorial video will be short and simple and provide users with valuable information.


These photos capture a fun essence and provoke a smile and a sense of self-care and luxury aesthetics. You will be placed in scenarios or "situations" that capture a moment.